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What Our Customers Think

Gordon Spendlove

Congratulations on your excellent new British Stamp Organiser 6.
It is great and many thanks to all for putting together a First Class Product.

It was so easy to install, with the regular updates and the new options available it is a must for all GB Collectors.

John Mears

Thank you for a wonderful product.
It is extremely adaptable and has everything I want in a database, and that is an achievement.

Even finding out how to contact you was easy.

Steve Clifford

Just like to say that as a user of the CD version of Stamp Organiser I think the new downloadable version is even better.

I’m currently on the 28 day free trial but will certainly be subscribing.

Clearly a considerable amount of time and effort put in to achieve a quality product.

Congratulations to your team!

Thomas Shields

Having used a self generated database for many years, I updated to Stamp Organiser 2011 with impresive results.

I had no hesitation in trying British Stamp Organsier 6.

The results were relatively more impressive than my first experience with Ver 2011, particularly in the speed department.

I have now purchased the full version.

Keep up the good work.

Dave Young

British Stamp Organiser 6 is an Excellent product.

It of course surpasses all the previous issues of Stamp Organiser & I got blown away when The A-Z issue part 2 issued yesterday by Royal Mail was there on my British Stamp Organiser 6 today. Wonderful.

I thoroughly recommend this product.

Victor Austin

Just a short note to congratulate you on another amazing piece of software.

Roger Pearce

Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying using British Stamp Organiser 6.

It is a truly tremendous programme which quite clearly has taken much time and dedicated effort to produce.

The GB stamp world has been waiting a long time for such an excellent tool.

Thank you also for the many refinements that you have built into the product since its release.

It almost seems that you are working a 24-hour-day to ensure that our records are kept both current and relevant.

Dave Young

I must admit I was wondering "What am I going to do if Adrian doesn't come up with a current version of Stamp Organiser I can only imagine it would be like losing a limb?"

I needn't have worried because here it is. Thank You.

Rob Swettenham

May I say how pleased I am with the new database.

It is very easy to use and the "real-time" updates are very welcome.

James Saunders

I have been using the latest version of the Stamp Organiser since early in the year; and the more that I use it the more I am impressed with its abilities and facilities.

Keith Davenport

I want to say that your program is well presented and excellent value for money.

Alan Richardson

It is of great comfort for people like myself with limited computer knowledge and skills that you are there to assist.

Graham Ainsworth

I appreciate the improvements you have made in the latest upgrade you have supplied - they make a tremendous difference to the operation of the Organiser now.

Dale Caudle

This is a wonderful program and it is so easy to use.

Edward Brentnall

It is a great programme. My interests are primarily pre-1900, and it gives me a great record.

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