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The Change Log

In an effort to be open and transparent we keep a live change log from the British Stamp Organiser.
This is mainly here for people to keep track of issues they have raised with us through our Support System.

18/10/2016 Version: 7.1.1
      Fixed: Bug with 'Use different cover' window when editing FDC after going to browse tab.

18/10/2016 Version: 7.1.0
      Fixed: Bug with Victoria definitive stamps which are part of stamp sets issued on different days.
      Fixed: 'Sort by' Dropdown in Collections Tab \on MAC OSX
      Fixed: Disappearing option on browse tab
      Fixed: Auto backup only works if you use the "Main Menu > Exit", If you close the window then no Auto backup would have been taken. (This is now Fixed)
      Added: A message will show once a month to remind you to create a backup.
      Changed: Terms and conditions

12/10/2016 Version: 7.0.5
      Fixed: A bug where the BSO would crash sometimes when using the "Manage Collections" window with the Image Flow view style.
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