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British Stamp Organiser 7 Manual Upgrade

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may cause, but because of the deprecation of SHA1 Certificates we will no longer be able issue updates for British Stamp Organiser 6 after the end of 2015.

To allow us to continue to improve the British Stamp Organiser we have now moved to version 7 and are now using SHA256 Certificates. This change requires that you uninstall version 6 (On the old SHA1) and install version 7 (On the new SHA256).

Un-installing and Reinstalling British Stamp Organiser will not affect any of your data.
Your Collections are stored in "My Documents > British Stamp Organiser" and this folder will not be affected by this upgrade!

You can of course take a backup of your data before you remove version 6.

Click here to remove British Stamp Organiser 6
This link will take you to here you can un-install the old British Stamp Organiser 6.

Click here to Install British Stamp Organiser 7
This link will take you to here you can install the new British Stamp Organiser 7.

You can go here to make sure the British Stamp Organiser 6 is uninstalled.

If you installed from a CD you should check this page after you've uninstalled to make sure you've uninstalled version 6.

Go here to install British Stamp Organiser 7.




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