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Selling or Valuing your First Day Covers.


Thank you for your enquiry.


If your collection of British first day covers is mainly earlier items (1924-1971), then we might be interested in making an offer.

For all other cases, if you wish to sell your collection, you could try ebay - this might give you an idea of what your covers are worth.  If you do not wish to use ebay, you could purchase a stamp magazine (there are three different monthly titles) from one of the larger newsagents (W H Smiths etc) to get some idea as regards auction houses or maybe dealers in your area.


To value a collection of British first day covers, the best bet is to purchase the catalogue COLLECTING BRITISH FIRST DAY COVERS which is available from this website for £29.75   This publication gives a good price guide for British first day covers and is published annually.

Sample Pages from Catalogue 
See for yourself whether you think that the catalogue will be useful to you - view eight of the pages from the BFDC catalogue. To download these pages please Click here

I hope you find this information useful.


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