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Adding Varieties of stamps to the British Stamp Organiser

The British Stamp Organiser contains details and images of all British stamps issued by the UK Post Office / Royal Mail, i.e. there is a separate entry and image for each 'basic' stamp issue since the 1840 Penny Black. 'Basic' being defined as to whether Royal Mail would provide a full first day cover service for the stamp, i.e. whether the stamp looks different from what had been previously issued. In compiling the database a few exceptions have been made to allow for the different printings and watermarks of the early Wildings and Castles.

Most GB definitive stamps have numerous varieties, i.e. changes in printer, watermark, gum, phosphor, colour, perforations etc. To the non-specialist collector, all of these will look the same. British Stamp Organiser gives the specialist collector the facility to enter as many varieties of each stamp as they wish.

Follow these simple steps for adding several varieties of the same stamp design to a collection:

  1. Find the original stamp issue, i.e. when the particular stamp design was first issued.
    For example the Penny Black was first issued on 6th May 1840.
  2. Add this stamp to your collection
  3. By using the drop down lists add as much detail as you feel is necessary, e.g. Plate Nos.
  4. Now add another of the same stamp to your collection.
  5. By using the drop down lists add as much detail as you feel is necessary to differentiate this second stamp from the first stamp.
  6. By following the above steps you can add as many varieties of each stamp as you wish.
  7. You may also scan each stamp and import the images into your collection by clicking on 'Use my own image' link below the stamp illustration.
  8. By following the same steps you can also add details and images of stamp errors, British first day covers etc which are not included in The British Stamp Organiser.

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