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Install the British Stamp Organiser 7

NB Before buying the download you need to satisfy yourself that this product will work on your computer. Therefore, if you have not already done so, you need to try the FREE 28 DAY TRIAL by clicking on the FREE TRIAL tab above

To Install the British Stamp Organiser you will need to first install Silverlight however the web browser you are using does not support Silverlight.

You can still install the British Stamp Organiser on your computer but you will need to use another web browser.

You can use Safari which is already installed on your computer.

An alternative is to use the Firefox web browser which can be downloaded from

Once you are using one of the above web browsers come back to this page to install the British Stamp Organiser

If you continue to have problems please email support

NB If you purchase the download without first installing the FREE TRIAL version, and are subsequently unable to install the Organiser, we cannot make refunds.
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